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      Kevin Vollmer

      Hi all.

      We were accosted post-ride outside Costa HQ yesterday by a kindly, elderly couple who wanted to start talking about cameras on bikes. My companions managed to get their sweaty, aching bodies inside, leaving me in the biting, polar-continental wind to deal with the  situation. Still, mustn’t grumble :o)

      Anyway, the upshot is, the aforesaid elderly couple had purchased  a bike video camera from Argos hoping they could use it in their car. For reasons I didn’t have the stamina to discover, it couldn’t be done and, because (allegedly) Argos don’t do refunds, they have a camera on their hands they are happy to get shot of for nothing or next-to-nothing – sorry bit vague on that part of the conversation as hypothermia was setting by that point.

      So, if anyone is interested in a cheap/free bike video camera of unknown make or pedigree, then contact Roland (surname/first-name?) on 01959 562083.



      PS. I’d be interested to hear how you get on, just for the comedy value.




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