Whether you’re under 16 or over 60 we aim to cater for most levels. Young teens will need a parent or guardian present, they’ll enjoy riding also! With all levels, we need to establish your fitness and competence before riding, please email us first: We have a minimum level, you’ll need to be able to ride 20 miles in around 2 hours. We split groups into different speeds and distances, with Ride Leaders choosing the routes and keeping everyone together. Group rider is safer and more fun.

T1: 20/25 miles. 12/13 mph average. Newcomers welcome, very sociable with a tea stop. 

T2: 30/40 miles, 12/14mph average. Usually includes a tea stop.

T3: 35/55 miles around 15/16mph average, tea stop if everyone wants one! They usually do.

T4: 40/60 miles at 16/17mph average, a training ride for strong, experienced riders, sometimes ‘out and back’ no coffee stop.

T5: 40/60 miles. A fast training ride for racers at 17/20mph average. No stops for these people!

T6: Our fastest training ride, 40/70 miles, 20+ mph average or more.

On occasions we run special rides, advertised in advance of 50-100 miles at various speeds but plenty of long, gentle rides for all levels.