Whether you’re under 16 or over 60¬†we aim to cater for all levels. We split our rides into different speed and distance teams, with Ride Leaders choosing the routes and keeping everyone together; group riding is safer. Some rides will be combined, depending on the numbers and available Leaders. In all rides we try to keep people close together and look after the slower riders.

T1: 20/25 miles. Newcomers welcome, very sociable and a tea stop. Speed of the slowest.

T2: 30/40 miles, no rush, speed of the slowest, 12/14mph average. Usually includes a tea stop.

T3: 35/55 miles around 15/16mph average, tea stop if everyone wants one! They usually do.

T4: 40/60 miles at 16/17mph average, a training ride for experienced riders, sometimes a tea stop.

T5: 40/60 miles. A fast training ride for racers at 17/18mph average. No tea breaks for these people!

T6: Our fastest training ride, 40/70 miles, 18-20mph average or more.

On occasions we run special rides, advertised in advance of 50-100 miles at various speeds but plenty of long, gentle rides for all levels.