OxtedCC Off-Road

With the increasing interest in Gravel/Adventure riding as well as mountain biking, OxtedCC has started an off-road group for those who want to explore more of our countryside.

Our aim is to cater for all cycling activities that involve taking to the local trails and beyond. 

Gravel, CycloCross, MTB and adventure touring. 

Depending on the activity, we meet at different locations such as the Surrey Hills, so we are straight into the action. 

Riding Gravel/Adventure bikes allows us to mix on-road and off-road to explore further. 

We will also be participating in events such as CycloCross racing, Cross Country events, endurance racing and epic rides like the CX Century South Downs Way. ​​​​​

If you are interested in getting involved and joining Oxted CC Off-Road, why not come out for a ride with us?

In the first instance, please contact David on 07747 697 562. Email: 07747 697 562

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/oxtedoffroad