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      Matthew Law

      long slow base miles or no different to the rest of the year, any thoughts ?

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      I’m going to be the odd one out here. I don’t see why winter training should be very much different to the rest of the year: go hard all the time! BUT if your miles/frequency of riding falls off because of the weather and road conditions then you will lose fitness and you’ll do yourself a mischief if you overdo it. So, I think the answer is DON’T push it until you’re properly warmed up and be realistic about the distances you are doing. But taking it easy and plodding along? Not ideal but ANY miles are a good thing!

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      Matthew Law

      I’m reading a book by Greg Lemond and he basically said the the same as you ! he recommends doing the same as the rest of the year (endurance, intervals and sprints)  but just slightly less of it, along with mountain biking, cyclocross and running.

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      Paul Hobbs

      Russell said before that the best thing to do is find a decent hill and go up and down it 8 times, keeping a constant pace for each repeat. I think the same applies to running. Easier said than done when it’s cold and dark though. Or is hopping on a turbo better?

      Wiggo said in his book that he extended a 450 watt effort from 2 minutes to nearly an hour using a turbo trainer in his shed. If anyone wants the book, let me know as I was going to donate it to a charity shop.

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      David Tyler

      Less is more apparently! So I’m doing less at the moment. Base then build. It will probably be a waste of time but you never know until you try. I always took the same all year round approach but never really made any improvement. So it is worth trying something different. You can’t fight age though!

      David T

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