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      Paul Hobbs

      I’m interested in bang-for-buck solutions for time-trialling on a road bike.

      I’ve read that reversing the seat post and putting the seat forward, together with fitting some clip-on tri-bars can help replicate the effect of a dedicated time trial bike.

      Any other advice to get some quick wins from standard road kit?

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      Clip on bars are regarded as the biggest single difference you can make, not heard of reversing the seat post but I suppose that would work, not sure if I’d bother.

      Maybe the best thing is to simply show ‘Road or TT bike’ on results. I’d be interested in seeing the real differences, I suspect it’s not much more than a couple of minutes in a 10.

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      Paul Hobbs

      I think reversing the post compensates for the different seat tube geometry, putting you more directly over the bottom bracket – fully utilising the glutes. Guess the saddle would have to go up a tad as well, and be placed forward on the post. With the clip-on bars in place, I reckon it would be within 30 seconds of a time trial bike. I know aero wheels make a difference as well (plus weather conditions and how you’re feeling etc.)

      It would be interesting to see someone from the club try this comparison.

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      Chris Hewitt

      I agree wit Russell here. Clip on bars tri-bars make a massive difference for quite a small cost. Helmet can make a bit of difference though that is a bit more costly.

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