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      Glenn Karpeta

      The foolhardy 7  were Jack, Jeff, Adam, Bill, Tim, Dave T and myself. A democratic decision early on meant we left the relative danger of main roads for the unknown dangers of Dewlly lane, through Lingfield and on to Turners Hill we rode, Jack and Tim battling for the top. Straight on and left to Sharpstone and Wych Cross for an eventless 40k.

      At Hartfield we stopped to say good bye to Bill who was short of time, Tim was having mechanical issues so the stop during a sleet shower was longer the expected. Jeff pulled out of the cafe car park and performed a front wheel stand  as slotted perfectly in to the drain cover, buckling front wheel and pulling tyre off the rim. Comedy of errors ensued and after about 20 minutes we were on our way, Bill Adam and Tim heading back the rest looking too warm up on Groombridge. At groombridge Jeff’s tyre went down – more pumping and cursing meant Dave and Jeff headed for home too.

      Jack and I attacked Groombridge Hill ( actually only Jack did) off to Fordcombe where I lead down the hill.

      The narrow bridge has priority from this side so I double checked the sign to confirm and raced for the bridge unfortunately the oncoming driver considered this rule didn’t apply to cyclists so rather than squeeze through given the uncertain road conditions I slowed ……….. Jack shouted a warning as he ran into the back of me and we both ended up with our bikes against the bridge wall staring down at a 30 ft drop to the river below. White Audi A3 reg IM4AHL disappearing up the road. Luckily the only damage was a ripped brand new £130 jacket.

      Sorry Jack my mistake in hind sight breaking was the wrong thing to do.

      We rode on at a steady pace Zigzaging Penshurst and up to Markbeach Bow Beech Four Elms edenbridge and back via duelly lane. A respectable 100K exactly and a very eventful ride averaging over 16 MPH.

      Thank you all and well done it was cold there was sleet there was sun, great fun, hope you all got back safe.


      PS : Old Oxted hill – Jack – out of sight as he went for a PB opening a huge gap in seconds v. impressive.

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      Bob Whitlock

      Nice one Glenn et al. I am sure you will meet The Audi Doomsday Driver again in time!


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