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David Tyler

Ride report – Fast Group Hilly Tempo..

A large group for the hilly tempo this morning.

First up was Toy’s Hill which was dispensed with by a bunch capable of placing top 10 in a cat 3 race! So much for tempo… Re-grouped at the top and descended towards Edenbridge then turned left, then right to pass Bough Beech reservoir. Looks pretty full already! Let’s hope we don’t have a repeat of last years rain and floods.

Next up was Baley’s Hill. Again the group set a great pace (while I could keep them in site) before descending Hubbards Hill. Each descent was a cold experience for all.

A fairly flat (ish) section followed and riders duly took it in turn to do their bit at the front. Will’s in particular doing more of his fair share. Thanks Will!

Slight change in route as riders were peeling of to go home (it was bloody cold!) so up past Chartwell to Westerham then towards Clarks Lane and Pilgrims. Chris Hewitt and I continued to Woldingham Ridge and Caterham whilst others headed to Oxted and a hot cocoa or a hot bath!

Well done to all for braving such cold weather!!

As a side note I was amazed at how many riders we saw wearing black with no lights. No wonder some motorists call us idiots. Maybe they are ex golfers…

Worth mentioning that nearly all of us had lights and/or a florescent jacket or Gilet. Definitely worth it…

Onwards and upwards..

David T

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