Chairman’s report…

Chairman’s report to the Committee 29th September 2015

I’m delighted with our progress. We’ve exceeded what we set out to do in running ‘a club for all levels’.

We’ve run 3, 4 & sometimes 5 rides on Saturdays and Sundays for over two years now, thanks to a number of wonderful ride leaders who know exactly what to do.

‘Whole club’ events and sportives have been amazing: the Kentish Killer, Nutfield to Brighton, Reigate Rouleur, the Pru and more. The recent Circuit of Kent was incredible with 47 Oxted finishers, many in gold and silver categories.

We have great racers with Chris Balkham leading the charge as a 2nd Cat. We have five 3rd Cats, Maddy, Jack Dennison, Chris Hewitt, Chris Hardy and now Noah Faiers. And a SIXTH very soon – David Hodge. Plus David Tyler in LVRC and 4ths Pete Hargreaves and Tim Whitehead. Junior Chris Filewood has completed his Race Accreditation. We’ll have ten racers on the start lines next year.

We were robbed of the big Lingfield race in June, cancelled last minute by roadworks! But we ran a good evening race in Nutfield; our reputation in the racing fraternity is good. We should be running the big Lingfield race again in June.

Time Trialling – we’re flying! We have had another great season as guests of the very generous East Grinstead CC at the Horne 10 and in open events, the recent Festival CC/Dorking 10 was the icing on the cake: fastest lady Maddy, fastest Junior Chris Filewood and fastest club, Oxted!

Members have been fantastic at marshalling races and TTs. We are also hoping to book more Velodrome sessions before Christmas.

We’ve had riders in a number of Hill Climbs; the Waller Pain, the East Grinstead CC’s Legsheath Lane, Redhill CC’s Denbies Duels, Catford CC and the Bec events.

Pete Abbott’s Majorca trip was a huge success; we’re going again in 2016.

We have a high proportion of female riders and the membership keeps growing steadily, including more young people.

We’ve had a few accidents but dealt with them bravely. We know the risks in cycling. And Rule No 5 is well understood at Oxted.

We’ve run a First Aid night, we will again.

We’ve had great socials; a superb prize giving dinner, Alan Dennison’s Tour de France finish party was superb and Richard Houghton’s Trevereux Hill hog roast was a great event.

We are definitely much more than a sunny Saturday club; we are a real cycling club!

THANK YOU ALL for your tremendous support, Russell Hicks.


Good news for oldies like me! A study found that older ‘serious cyclists’ really do enjoy great benefits from all those miles!

So, please do take a good look at our calendar and make some dates with exceptional health and fitness: