Oxted Cycling Club Safety Rules

Safety Essentials To Ride With Oxted Cycling Club

* Wear A Crash Helmet
Crash helmets are compulsory to ride on any Oxted CC ride or event. Helmets should have BSI Kitemark or Snell equivalent, and be the correct size for your head.

* Use A Rear Light
You will need a fully functioning rear light specifically made for cycling. The light should have enough capacity to last the whole ride.
Note: We highly recommend pairing this with a good front bicycle light.

* Visibility
We do not allow black or dark cycling tops on a road ride. Dress to be seen. Even on sunny days, cyclists can become invisible in the shade.

* Insurance
ALL Oxted CC members are required to have 3rd Party insurance. We recommend British Cycling or CyclingUK membership for insurance and other benefits.

* Your fitness on the day
Make sure your current fitness can comfortably complete your chosen group ride. Allergies,medications, medical issues and ICE contacts should be displayed on a wearable ID tag and/or on your phone.

* The above safety essentials are compulsory to ride with Oxted Cycling Club

Safety guidance for you and others

Refresh your highway code knowledge
Many rules and regulations that apply to motorists also apply to cyclists. For example, stopping at traffic lights. Make sure you’re up to date.

Check your bike thoroughly and frequently
The British Cycling website has some excellent knowledge sections about looking after your bike and yourself. You can read the information here.

Ride with the correct group for your level
Until you are ready, don’t ride with a group that may be too fast for you. If in doubt, ask the ride leaders and initially, choose a slower group.

Bike handling techniques
We have a British Cycling Level 3 qualified coach riding for OxtedCC. If you feel that there is an area of your riding that could be improved, then please email Marcel cyclecoachingonline@gmail.com for more information. 


British Cycling One to One Level 3 Road and Time Trial
British Cycling Level 2 Road and Time Trial
British Cycling Level 2 MTB 
Outdoor First Aid Qualified 

Recommendations Before Your Ride

Check the weather!
Dress according to the weather that is predicted for the day. Don’t forget to check the destination of the intended ride. It may be different to what you see outside your window.
Wearing layers allows you to adjust to changing conditions.

NOTE: In winter, we recommend using mudguards.

Food and drink
Eat well before you ride. Always carry a drink and snack. Carry some cash. And never drop litter, gel wrappers or leave old inner tubes at the roadside!

Group riding
The best way to learn about group riding is to do it!

If you are new to riding in a group, then make the ride leader, and the other riders aware of this BEFORE the ride starts.

The ride leader will discuss with you the techniques of group riding and the other riders will be happy to help you become a first class group rider.

If there is something you are unsure of, ask the ride leader or the riders around you.

Dealing with mechanical problems

  • Carry two spare inner tubes, tyre levers, a tube repair kit, a pump and a CO2 inflator.
  • Practice changing a tube or repairing a hole at home.
  • Carry a multi-tool and learn how it works.
  • Consider changing to tubeless tyres for puncture free riding.

Take a first aid course
Knowing first aid could save someone’s life.
You can learn about basic first aid on the NHS website by clicking here

However, to really learn first aid, then a course with St John’s Ambulance will equip you with the knowledge to deal with many situations. You can book a course by clicking here.

Young Riders

Under 18’s are required to have a Parental Consent form signed HERE and returned to the club.

CTT open events require a Parental Consent form for each event HERE.